Safety is our top priority

Drayage safety is embedded in our culture and is always our top priority. Our dedicated safety team works diligently each day ensuring compliance while identifying risk factors and taking immediate corrective action. This has led to continuous improvement with our safety scores.  Some of the highlights of our safety program include:

– We are one of the few companies in our industry that requires an electronic onboard recording system within each truck. This allows us to proactively manage our drivers’ hours of service.

– We invest heavily in safety training to ensure our drivers and personnel are always safety focused.

– We have six full-time safety personnel focused on rigid driver hiring standards, background checks, DOT compliance, ongoing training, and communication.

– Our accident ratios are among the lowest in our industry due to our strict hiring criteria and our ongoing driver training program.

Through all of these efforts, C&K Trucking has managed to consistently keep our drivers, other roadsters, and our client’s containers safe on the road across the many years of our operation. Thanks to our dedicated safety staff, we look forward to improving our safety standards and procedures, making them better and better everyday.