Mike Burton gives a presentation on intermodal trends and projections at ITA’s Annual Conference.

Posted February 24, 2020

Mike Burton, President & CEO of C&K Holdings, gave a comprehensive presentation at the annual Illinois Trucking Association’s (ITA) Intermodal Conference. C&K Holdings is the Parent company of AV Logistics, C&K Trucking, and Skyline Express, leaders in the drayage management and drayage business.

Mike shared his thoughts related to the Chicago Geostamp project, which utilizes geofencing technology to measure all aspects of a turn. In addition, he discussed in depth the current state of the economy, freight, intermodal business, and drayage. He presented 2019 data to support his observations and provided attendees with projections for intermodal business in 2020.

Mike has been an active member of the ITA for years. He is the current ITA Intermodal Chairman and strongly believes in participating in associations like ITA. “I like to get involved and share my experiences with others,” says Mike. “In addition, I learn quite a bit from other ITA members. I find that great associations like ITA bring professionals together and provide an environment where we all can learn and advance our careers”.  

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