Drayage Trends from the Trade Show Floor

Posted March 31, 2022

One of the perks of attending trade shows for C&K Trucking is taking the temperature of the marketplace and learning what’s on the mind of drayage customers. Recently, we returned from two major industry trade shows: TPM (Trans-Pacific Maritime) and RILA (Retail Industry Leaders Association) with greater insight into customer concerns.  

Undoubtedly, it’s a time of supply chain and drayage challenges. Every day, those in our industry are pressured to be more productive with fewer resources. Through conversations with conference attendees, we repeatedly heard some of the same challenges, as well as hopes and wishes for the future of the industry. Here are our top three takeaways about the trends in drayage that we noticed at the trade shows.

  1. Supply chain challenges have impacted productivity.  The pandemic brought many disruptions to the supply chain, including a shortage of chassis and drivers. These factors all contribute to a drop in productivity. Drivers and owner-operators are consistently spending more time handling fewer containers because of port congestion, unavailable chassis and other delays. It’s often impossible to complete their workload in the time allotted. The challenge is real, but the solution is not yet obvious to anyone in the industry.
  • The driver shortage keeps owner-operator opportunities high. With a serious lack of drivers in the marketplace, owner-operators continue to have their pick of companies to serve. They often seek consistent work, which is available from C&K Trucking, at good rates. The job outlook for drivers and owner-operators looks strong for 2022 and beyond.
  • Customers seek improved technology for greater visibility. Communication and customer service in the supply chain have never been as important as they are today. Even the government has a task force working on how to connect the supply chain more reliably. Every transportation company in the industry faces the same challenges, so the folks we spoke with at the show are looking for trustworthy partners that offer technology to make tracking their shipments as easy as possible, whether that’s through geofencing, automated arrivals or data from ELDs. We are constantly working towards better visibility of shipments, and even partner with a logistics company that provides industry-leading visibility technology to our customers.

Attending industry trade shows always brings fascinating insights and the opportunity to see customers in person and better understand their needs. C&K Trucking continues to monitor the issues affecting the supply chain and we look forward to helping our customers navigate this changing landscape. To learn more about how C&K Trucking can help your business, contact Peter Pace, VP of Sales at 201-960-3159

Top concerns

Doing more with less.
The visibility within Coreviz allows our customers to do the most with the resources they have. The proprietary platform helps customers understand their container management, the options available, and the bottom line. The information within Coreviz is reliable, because AV Logistics identifies and eliminates inaccurate data before it is loaded into the system.

Technology WITH Execution
While most technology companies provide information only, Coreviz and AV Logistics work together to bridge the gap between knowledge and execution. From the information available within Coreviz, AV Logistics can provide drayage management to expertly address interruptions in the supply chain and offer best solutions. Powered by Coreviz, AV Logistics can find the resources their customers need to continue each shipping container’s journey with as little disruption as possible.

Providing unparalleled visibility
As everyone becomes more attune to the importance of container visibility, they will discover that Coreviz is an industry leader in this space. Coreviz provides eight weeks of on-the-water visibility and even more once hitting port. The visibility tool keeps customers connected and informed by letting them see the entire container journey. Coreviz also allows round-the-clock, on-demand reports of container status.

Attending industry trade shows always brings fascinating insights and the opportunity to understand customer needs that drive the way we do business. We were proud to launch Coreviz to meet the demanding and sophisticated needs of top importers. If you would like to see how AV Logistics, powered by Coreviz, can help your business, visit us online at av-logistics.com or call Peter Pace, VP of Sales at 201-960-3159.