Industry Veteran Lisa Wheldon Joins the C&K Trucking Sales Team

Posted October 12, 2023

The C&K Trucking and AV Logistics team welcomes Lisa Wheldon as our new Director of Sales for the Southeast region. Lisa is a supply chain leader who has successfully facilitated partnerships with ocean carriers, service providers, and BCOs for more than 30 years. This month, we sat down with this industry maven to learn about her past, her new role and her take on the industry.

Welcome to the team, Lisa! Throughout the years, you’ve worked with many big names in intermodal, including CSX, Florida East Coast Railway Sea-Land, DCLI/Blume Global and the Jacksonville Port Authority. Did you have a relationship with the C&K Holdings companies before joining us?

Oh yes! Having been in the industry for a while, I have known of C&K Trucking and AV Logistics and have crossed paths with many of their employees for some time. I live in Jacksonville, near AV Logistics headquarters. And I worked for Art Zimmerly, the founder of AV Logistics, before he founded the company!

What encouraged you to join the team?

I always had a good impression of the companies within C&K Holdings, but one of the things that impressed me most was the longevity of the people and customers. The employee retention at C&K Trucking and AV Logistics speaks to the respect and professional growth the companies offer their employees. Their long-term relationships with customers demonstrate how they prioritize relationships and provide services with value and integrity.

You spent more than a decade as the Director of National Sales and Trade Development and Global Marketing at the Jacksonville Port Authority. How does your work for C&K Trucking and AV Logistics compare?

As JAXport is an economic development entity, my position involved facilitating relationships and connecting organizations with the resources they needed to succeed. For example, I would help companies looking to open distribution centers in the area find dependable trucking companies, warehousing providers, and ocean carriers. At both C&K Trucking and AV Logistics, my work goes beyond the connection to managing a contractual relationship that provides a single-source solution for customers.

What challenges do you anticipate at C&K Trucking and AV Logistics?

Because of my years of experience in the industry, I hit the ground running when I started my role, but I am still learning all I can about the ways each company can help customers. The challenges at each company are different. C&K Trucking customers often need help with just a segment of their supply chain. AV Logistics customers look to us for complete management of their drayage operations, with our operational and technological expertise integrated into their day-to-day operations.

What are the industry challenges to customers these days?

Volumes have slowed, but shippers and BCOs must realize that it won’t always be this way. It’s wise to plan for economic growth strategically. We tell customers that while they may not have a need for more trucking or logistical services now, we can prepare them for when the economy turns. Proactive planning can help any customer ensure they have the drayage management, chassis capacity, and supply chain visibility in place for the future.

What is your sales philosophy for success?

Help people with my network and the resources I can bring to them. I’m always amazed and happy when people come up to me and tell me that I referred them to someone in the past who ended up making an amazing difference in their professional life. It’s rewarding to identify where customers need efficient solutions and then mobilize our team to deliver measurable results. I’m not a pushy salesperson; I’m a helpful, resourceful one.

You are also active in several industry groups.  Tell us about that.

I serve on both the Containerization & Intermodal Institute (CONNIE Awards) and Traffic Club of New York boards. Both have expanded my professional network considerably, allowing me access to decision-makers at many organizations.  Both clubs help me give back to the profession by mentoring young professionals and working with their scholarship programs. I believe in helping the next generation succeed, especially when it comes to helping young people find resources to fund their education.

I, myself, benefitted from mentorship throughout my career, particularly from railroad executive Joe Pirozzi, who taught me about sales and was available for professional guidance. It’s important to have someone in your corner as you build a career in this industry.

What do you do when you’re not at work?

I’m a big fiction reader, and my daughter keeps me busy. She is a student-athlete and high school senior, so I am often found at her cross-country and track meets. She plans to keep it up in college so right now we’re busy talking to coaches and touring schools.

Are you in need of some expert advice for our intermodal transportation needs? Lisa Wheldon can help you with solutions from both C&K Trucking and AV Logistics. C&K Trucking provides customized drayage operations to leading importers and shippers, with on-time performance, a strong safety record, and turnkey solutions. AV Logistics is a 3PL and a trusted partner for customized drayage management and technology solutions to simplify customer operations and reduce demurrage and per diem fees.

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