C&K's Cargo Theft Prevention

Posted November 28, 2011

With recent reports of cargo theft on the rise, C&K has taken additional measures to protect freight. C&K is proud to be the first transportation company to partner with TrakLok Corporation. TrakLok is a Knoxville, Tennessee company which provides global visibility and tracking through its GeoLok device and TrakLog systems.

C&K will use the GeoLok device to secure containers and use TrakLog to monitor for any unscheduled activity through constant GPS monitoring. The unit physically secures intermodal containers from intrusion into the cargo area while reporting location, condition, and security of the cargo from anywhere in the world. With TrakLok Corporation, C&K has the ability to detect any tampering with a container including vibrations, movement, and changes in temperature. TrakLok will also immediately notify company officials upon any unscheduled movement or attempted destruction. The exact location of the container is continually updated for further protection from theft.

C&K is excited about its partnership with TrakLok because it creates improved overnight security and can be used throughout the delivery cycle for high value loads. C&K President, Mike Burton, says “We’ve been looking for a device that seals and provides GPS tracking for some time now and TrakLok fits these needs. We believe that GeoLok is the first device of its kind and is the answer to improved security for our company.” Together, TrakLok and C&K, create a safe and secure environment for freight.

For additional information on C&K’s security measures, please contact Tammy Warn at twarn@cktrucking.com .