C&K Trucking Stakes Claim in Kansas City with Opening of New Terminal

Posted May 26, 2023

The geographic center of the United States is supposedly Lebanon, Kansas. However, just four hours southeast, you’ll find a city that’s one of the country’s busiest intermodal hubs—and the location of the newest C&K Trucking terminal. It’s Kansas City, Kansas, which now welcomes C&K Trucking to the intermodal community. The terminal is located at 1705 Kansas Avenue.  

Kansas City is situated along a busy corridor for intermodal and the convergence of many thoroughfares, including Interstates 29, 35, 435, 470 and 635. It is served by five Class 1 railways, including Union Pacific, BNSF, Norfolk Southern, and Canadian Pacific Kansas City Southern (CPKC). The recent merger of Canadian Pacific and Kansas City Southern now links Canada, the U.S., and Mexico, making it the first and only transnational railway. The line offers direct access to major ports in Vancouver to the north and Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico, to the south, which has long been used as a popular alternative to the congested west coast ports for shipping and receiving cargo to and from Asia.

For air service, C&K Trucking’s new terminal is only 20 minutes from the Kansas City International Airport (MCI).

The terminal poses a welcome challenge to the new manager, Tommy Brewer. He has had great success at a previous Kansas City trucking company, nearly tripling billing and truck volume in his two years there. Having lived in the area for more than 20 years, Tommy understands the market and the expected growth in the coming years. He sums up his secret to success in one word: relationships.

“If you build the team, they will take care of the customer,” he said. “I learned early on working in trucking and transport that it’s all about building a good team. Everyone is on that team, from the office workers, the truckers, and the customers.” Tommy’s “team-oriented” attitude comes from his college football days, which earned him a scholarship at Missouri Valley College. Now, with a successful 25+ year reputation in the industry preceding him, he hopes to build his foundation at the new C&K Trucking location with already established relationships in the Kansas City area.

The new terminal will be a full-service container yard and intermodal hub for drayage. Come and stop by. The new C&K Trucking terminal is now open for business in Kansas City!