An Interview with Sarah Boyd, VP of MidSouth

Posted March 28, 2023

March is National Women’s History Month! In celebration, we sat down to explore the long-time history and career of one of our top female managers at C&K Trucking. Her name is Sarah Boyd, and she is currently a Regional VP overseeing the C&K Trucking Mid-South locations.  Sarah has been with C&K Trucking for 15 years. In that time, she has seen the company, and the role of women in it, grow tremendously.

How has C&K Trucking changed in your time there? 

So many changes! I started with C&K Trucking in 2008 through an agency and was a dispatcher for many years. When I was promoted to Terminal Manager, I managed ten trucks. When I left my position to become Regional VP, I was managing 75 trucks from the terminal.

Back in 2008, I was one of the only women managers at the company, and I was working with five people in my terminal.  Today the terminal has over a dozen people, and there are more than 300 employees at C&K Trucking. I’ve seen the company quadruple in size, and now we have many women in managerial positions, including terminal managers. 

Also, some of the customers I worked with in 2008 are still with us today. Customers stay with us because we build relationships, and there’s a trust factor between us. Technology has been a game-changer too. Through the years, we’ve gone from a T- card system to a paperless one, from paper logs to electronic dispatching. Today we’re totally EDI compliant, so we can easily grow our operation alongside our customers.  

What is it like for women working at C&K Trucking?

I was the terminal manager at our Dallas location until my recent appointment as Regional VP.  I appreciate that C&K Trucking promotes from within and has an atmosphere conducive to growing a rewarding career.  I also appreciate that there are plenty of women in managerial roles at C&K Trucking, especially on our terminal management team. 

Annie-Mae Bradley, the Operations Manager in Memphis, Tennessee, joined us in September, and Kammie Harris, our Office Manager in Dallas, has been with us since 2020. Most of the other female Terminal and Operations Managers have been with us for at least five years, like  Mary Cogar, our Operations Manager in Savannah, Georgia; and Vivian Rivera, the Terminal Manager in Kearny as well as the three other managers whose terminals were honored in 2022 as a “Terminal of the Quarter.” They include Mary Lara, who manages the Houston terminal; Colleen Patterson, our Terminal Manager in Cleveland; and Joanne Jester, the Terminal Manager in Baltimore.  Under their leadership, their respective terminals were recognized for their exceptional customer service and efficiency over a three-month period. 

I salute these women and we’re proud to have them at C&K Trucking!

What would you say to a woman looking to work at C&K Trucking? 

It’s a great place to be! There is a lot of opportunity in logistics, and trucking continues to be an indispensable part of the supply chain. We are growing and welcoming to women in a variety of roles, not only in our offices and terminals but also owner-operators who drive for us. C&K Trucking is a welcoming place for women, and I encourage anyone interested in the industry to consider C&K Trucking.