Green Initiatives

Committed To Our Environment

C&K Trucking continues to take pride in its commitment to our environment and green drayage services. For the 4th year in a row, C&K is a proud partner of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Smartway Transport program. In addition, C&K is committed to continually decrease its carbon footprint in all aspects of our drayage business.

The majority of our environmental efforts are focused on technologies and efficiencies to improve miles per gallon (MPG), thus reducing the carbon dioxide emissions (CO2e) for every mile traveled. Since 2008, C&K has reduced its CO2e output, measured by metric tons per million miles traveled, by 18% for its company fleet and 8% overall.

C&K’s success is due to some of the following efforts:

  • Installation of software on tractors to monitor and track various driver and fuel efficiency metrics
  • C&K’s entire company fleet is monitored and tracked for MPG and idling time
  • Owner Operators utilize this software to monitor their own fuel efficiency and modify driving/idling habits
  • Retrofitting engines on over 60 units such that CO2e is estimated to be reduced by 40%
  • Developing backhauls to reduce empty miles driven
  • Purchasing new tractors as needed with 2007 or newer compliant engines that reduce CO2e by approximately 50%
  • Hauling more 53’ trailers versus 40’ to deliver more freight per mile driven
  • Speed management policies to limit the maximum speed for drivers and improve fuel efficiency
  • Utilization of Smartway approved tires on over 50 company tractors that reduce rolling resistance, thus improving MPG

Reducing CO2e Output

Within C&K’s drayage fleet, miles driven have increased by 7.8% since 2008. However, the CO2e output (measured by metric tons per million miles) has decreased 18%. C&K has achieved this through an improvement in its average MPG from 5.5 to 5.9 and other efforts.

On a year over year basis, C&K’s results have been impressive with its CO2e output reductions equal to removing over 351, 278, and 204 cars from the roads in 2009, 2010, and 2011, respectively. C&K prides itself on continual improvement and respect for the communities it serves. In addition to its efforts within its fleet, C&K continues to make being a green drayage provider a part of every employee’s daily routine. Good environmental practices such as the following are encouraged companywide.

  • Recycling centers are located at all offices
  • Employees are encouraged to use paper responsibly
  • Employee travel has been reduced through video conferencing
  • Direct deposit for all employees has reduced paper checks and its carbon footprint associated with mailing out checks and paystubs weekly.
  • Compact fluorescent light bulbs replace existing incandescent bulbs
  • AV Logistics, an affiliate, prioritizes freight to Green companies

C&K is proud of its efforts thus far to reduce its carbon footprint, however, we know that the road towards environmental sustainability is long and cannot be achieved by a single person, company, or initiative. That is why C&K strives to be an exemplary corporate citizen and continues to take a proactive role in caring for the environment. You can rely on C&K to continually make companywide improvements to reduce its carbon footprint while providing reliable, safe, value-added green drayage services.

For additional information on C&K’s Green initiatives, please feel free to contact Mike Burton at or contact us here.