C&K Trucking

C&K Trucking is one of the largest intermodal trucking companies specializing in the drayage of containers and trailers between ports, railroads, and shippers in a safe and efficient manner. C&K completes over 300,000 moves annually and has demonstrated above-industry revenue growth in each of the last 10 years.

As one of the largest crosstown carriers in Chicago and the U.S., C&K Trucking has the resources and expertise to successfully service railroads, shipping lines, and ports. C&K is a house carrier for all of the major railroads. C&K continues to invest in equipment, technology and people to support the growth of intermodal traffic, while keeping reduced transit times and safety its priorities.

Benefits of working with C&K Trucking

As a house carrier for many of the Class I railroads and some of the nation’s largest importers, we understand the complex needs of today’s leading companies. Some of the benefits our customers enjoy include:

  • Domestic trailer and international container drayage services
  • An excellent safety record
  • On-time performance that is second to none
  • 24/7 hours of operation
  • House carrier for all major railroads
  • Access to all major ports
  • Competitive pricing
  • Seasoned management team
  • EDI capabilities
  • Complete logistic services through AV Logistics subsidiary

Our Management Team

Unlike many organizations, our management team is highly approachable.  They operate with an open door policy and believe every voice should be heard.  It is through these interactions that they are able to improve operations, welcome new ideas and create an atmosphere of respect and appreciation.

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